How To Get Gabrielle In Dislyte

2022-06-26 00:23:01 By : Ms. Jackie Xia

Gabrielle is perhaps the strongest Esper you can get in DIsylte, but she's also very rare. We know a surefire way to get her, it just takes time.

Gabrielle is one of the strongest Espers in Dislyte, with many considering her the best of all. With more than 70 Espers to choose from, there's plenty of stiff competition. But with a strong blend of direct damage alongside ATK and DEF down debuffs, it’s easy to see why she is so well regarded.

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What makes Gabrielle special is she could make a lot of squads as just a DPS, or as a support Esper. There aren’t many characters who tick both boxes. Plus, her damage is increased by her SPD level – a stat most players want their squads to be rich in. So she benefits well from the relics you’d likely want to give her anyway.

Gabrielle is a legendary five-star Esper. There’s just a one percent chance of getting a legendary when you spin for Espers, but don’t worry – despite her legendary status, there’s a guaranteed way to get Gabrielle. It just requires some patience.

From the Dislyte main screen, swipe right to the left-side home screen. Once there, click the neon War Room sign. Then on the next screen click the Esper Fusion button. You’ll see images of both Fabrice and Gabrielle. While we want Gabrielle, for now, we need to click on Fabrice.

Esper fusion is a way of fusing together four Espers you don’t want to make a much more useful one. There are only two to choose from, but both are a lot better than many of the picks you’ll get from spins. You just need to find four surplus Espers, then improve them enough to be viable for the Esper Fusion process.

If you look at the bottom of the Fabrice Esper Fusion screen, you’ll see two boxes – one requiring a single Esper to be added, and the other three. If you click the ‘+’ on the left-side box, a small screen will open up telling you if you have any appropriate Espers you can use – either now or in the future. Note that to fuse Fabrice, this Esper has to be Berenice. Luckily, she is a very common three-star Esper, so you’ll likely have multiple copies of her very early in the game. In the other box, the three required Espers can be any of your choice – as long as one is orange, one green, and one purple.

Also note that all four Espers you want to fuse have another requirement. Next to the ‘+’ you’ll see what looks like a half moon. This is showing you that each Esper needs to have completed their fourth level of ascension before they can be used in Fabrice’s fusion process.

For an Esper to be eligible to achieve the fourth level of ascension, they need to have reached level 30. Plus, they’ll need basic (50), advanced (35), and elite (10) Waves of the appropriate colour to pay for it.

To do this, it's possible to kill both birds with one stone. Completing Sonic Miracles will give your Espers experience for fighting in the battles, as well as giving the Waves they need as rewards. You can complete these battles on auto, via the ‘multi-battle’ function, as long as you have completed one level higher than the one you want to multi-battle against.

If you have one strong Esper at level 50-60, you should be able to send them to a level six Sonic Miracle (giving a chance of Elite Wave rewards) with a bunch of rookies in tow. If those four low-level Espers are the ones you need for ascension and then fusion, you should have the levels and Waves you need in no time.

Once you have your four level 30 Espers ascended to level four, return to the War Room and add them to the Fabrice section under Relic Fusion. Congratulations – you now have four-star Esper Fabrice. However, if you like him (and he’s a good Esper himself), you might want to start working on another. We already have plans for this one.

Come back out of the Fabrice Esper Fusion screen and click into the Gabrielle one. You’ll see a very familiar set up, with a few subtle yet important changes. Instead of Berenice, gaining Gabrielle requires Fabrice to be sacrificed to the fusion machine. And while you still need four Espers to complete the Gabrielle fusion process, they all need to be ascended to level five – which requires each Esper to be level 40 and for you to spend an extra 15 elite and 30 advanced Waves per Esper.

That said, the process to get the experience and Waves remains the same – it's just down to time and patience. But hopefully, as you play more, you can auto-play higher levels of Sonic Miracles, getting you both waves and experience faster. And once you’ve got all you need, the process is exactly the same as with Fabrice.

Once you have your Gabrielle Esper, you can of course walk away. But before you do, remember the Resonance growth system. This allows you to sacrifice duplicate Espers to your main one of the same type, giving them percentage rises in your choice of ATK, DEF, or HP. Both Gabrielle and Fabrice are great Espers. So why not make them even better?

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